Three Months In--And Counting...

After a beautiful visit from my mum, summer 2015 ended on a sweet note. The kid headed back to preschool and there I was, done with my season of "day adventures with kid" and wondering: is this freelancing going to continue or should I get out my resume and head to the LinkedIns? 

Amazingly, the minute I asked the Universe whaddup, two fantastic opportunities came knocking. They added a highly needed infusion to my fledgling Gee-lance roster and made me feel that holding off on a face time-centric day job won't be so bad for now. So, I am. Holding off. For now.

Despite the small gig victories, there have been some interesting setbacks and gains as well. It still frustrates me when former contacts suddenly don't or won't know me, (love you sand pounders--call me! I'll return the favor but with oh so much glitter and sunshine your way. Promise!) but I'm getting used to shaking it off and moving along now.  It was equally frustrating when some of my former sources appeared to have followed suit. It sucked. Huge.

But, by the same token, generous colleagues put the word out for me and continue to do so. Some sources aren't scared away by my gmail address/citing "policy" and continue to send me their updates and database access. Incidentally, they end up in my stories as does their research--because that's the way this shiz works. And, some new sources I've made want very much to help me make my writing and reporting sparkle and shine like a diamond...we'll see! 

So, at the end of three months, I have to say that I'm excited to find out what is next. I'm grateful to have some of that (dead) weight lifted off from me and delighted to have found help and colleagues in the randomest and most wonderful places. 

At the end of the day, however, what mattered most to me is time with kid. Nothing compares.