On: How A Year Flies By


This past week, something amazing happened. My business turned a whopping year old. 

The cover of my new notebook...courtesy of Muji and my love of lettering.

The cover of my new notebook...courtesy of Muji and my love of lettering.

It was a quiet celebration. Something I threw up on Facebook and Twitter so I could give shout outs to everyone who has carried me all this time. No cake. No champagne. No clown. 

But the thing is, I'm still pinching myself regarding the realness of this. A year ago, I suffered a layoff and decided to freelance (#GeeLance) for the summer. I was chasing my son in the yard wondering what September would bring in terms of a job search. I was hoping to potty train said son since I had farmed out so many cute (albeit less disgusting) rites of passage while I continued to work. I was terrified that the well might dry up, or that I might blow away. You're only as good as your last byline, right?

As June 30 loomed this year, I got reflective, pensive: what were some of the things I wanted to do and hadn't? What were some weaknesses that needed toning and trimming? What were some lessons I still needed to grasp and fences I needed to mend or upkeep? I am the worst with time management--how did I do in that arena? Then, I ran the numbers--just how much did I pull last year?

Bear in mind, I kept my son home with me and we did activities together whenever possible given my office freedom. Bear in mind, I finally got to know my new home because I had time to clean and look after it. Bear in mind that whenever there were parties or events at my son's school, he had a parent (meee!) present at long last. Bear in mind, every Wednesday, I swooped in and picked him up from preschool so we could spend the afternoon together and so he could get ABA therapy. 

With all the work/life/momaging I had to do, was it possible to live and earn anything close to my salary at the old gig? Oh, yes. You bet your bum it was! You better believe it! The difference is that instead of being chained to a desk, I float. Instead of spending day after day in an office, I spend day after day figuring out how to creatively manage my life and generate income. Instead of wondering where my promotion/recognition/raise might be, I do the gut checking. Its true that sometimes life gets in the way of assignments--but the right juggling can remedy that. I do believe. But if I've phoned it in, it's on me to make that right.

I love this. 

So happy birthday to you, dear #SheScribe--long live ya! 

And PS--the kid is totally potty trained. WOOT! :D