On: The Beauty of 'Nothing'

This week, for the first time in ages, I didn't publish a byline. Laid-off me worried that I might break out in hives if I didn't see it somewhere, but as it turns out, here it is Sunday and I am alive and OK.

Don't get me wrong: after taking serious inventory, it turns out that I did a TON of other work related things. I filed stories, took assignments, edited upcoming pieces and set up interviews, but the byline didn't materialize.

And, I'm OK with it.

On Thursday, I wrote one of my editors with a story idea. To be fair to said editor, they're one of my favorites--constantly challenging me, throwing out great ideas and looking to help me out in a really great fashion. Anyway, the editor wasn't totally in love with my pitch, but gave me the "go ahead if you'd like" blessing (because like I said-favesie!)

So, I took a nice, deep breath and thought it over. A lot of life happened this week.

On Monday, the preschool called me to pick up my son because he was sick. Subsequently, he spent Monday afternoon and all of Tuesday with me. On Wednesdays, he comes home in the afternoon for therapy at our house. On Thursday, I had an emergency dentist appointment to deal with a popped out crown. Friday morning, I had macroeconomics class (more on that later) in the morning and during the afternoon, my son was home with me because his aftercare was closed. Can we also talk about how during this coming week on Monday AND Tuesday, the preschool AND aftercare are closed? Mazel Tov?

Did I want to put a lot of time and effort (or worse, distracted time and effort, because let's just be honest about that--I was taffy pulled for sure) into something my editor was so-so about?

The answer is no.

But it presents another scenario that isn't easy. My contract with this publication is such that I must produce a minimum number of stories per month in order to get paid. The month is nearly half over and I'm coming up short in that dept. by skipping the meh story.

But, I've decided I'm not keen on filing for filing's sake anymore. People take chances and risks on us for a reason and we owe it to them to be as solid as we can possibly be when we publish our works under their banner.

I'm going to be working like a freak to hit my target for them this month, but I'm also learning to chill--to trust and to believe that everything works out for the best. The stories will come. If my son needs me, so be it--I'll juggle it all around and handle it--LIKE A BOSS!